License Overview

All products are under copyright (Syndee Rogers/ Studio Kitsch) with all rights reserved and are licensed to you thru purchase. Syndee Rogers (Studio Kitsch) maintains the copyright at all times, and retain the right to modify, change and update the Terms of Use at anytime with or without notice. Please check for updates and changes.

The license below pertains to all products used as a design resource and are unrelated to digital scrapbooking (such as digital scrapbook kits) in the Studio Kitsch Shop.

These include:

  • Backgrounds
  • graphics
  • Patterns
  • Planner templates
  • Templates: including backgrounds, overlays, elements, planner, comic book, calendar etc.
  • Add-ons: which include brushes, Custom layer styles for PS, Actions for PS, and Procreate brushes.

You MAY:

  • Use to help showcase your own artwork, for example: using as a backdrop design to showcase your hand-lettering.
  • Incorporate into your artwork as a design tool. It should be significantly different than the original only part of your design.
  • Use in branding, ads for your small business, social media posts and the like, granted you use it along with other elements.
  • Create end products for sale such as artwork, stationery, printables, planners, logos, etc. as long as it’s only part of your design.
  • Up to 3,500 physical or digital end products for sale. (Over 3,500 contact us)
  • Procreate & Photoshop brushes you may sell unlimited units of the end products you create with them.

You may NOT:

  • Distribute or share with another party.
  • Modify any or all of the brushes/styles/graphics etc. for distribution whether for free or for sale.
  • Use only my brushes or products to create a design and claim as your own.
  • Use the brush or brush settings to tweak and create your own brushes. 
If you are unsure on usage or need a different type of licensing please contact us through our contact page here.