Retro Pattern Maker Brushes for Procreate


Create mid-century modern patterns and artwork with these amazing and unique Retro Pattern Maker brushes for Procreate.


Retro Pattern Maker Brushes for Procreate

I’m so excited to share these Retro Pattern Maker brushes for Procreate with you! Create retro mid-century modern patterns and artwork with these amazing and unique brushes.

  • These are dynamic brushes NOT stamps. They act like paint brushes – only you are painting retro pattern shapes instead of paint!
  • Several of the brushes are pressure sensitive and the size of the shapes will change with the varying amounts of pressure you apply as you draw with the brushes! This results in one of a kind patterns.
  • These are not the traditional ‘pattern’ brushes that paint on a complete pattern wherever you paint on the canvas. These brushes have unique attributes! You will find tips, instructions, and tutorials on how to use these fun brushes in the included reference PDF.
  • Color effects are built in!
  • You can play with the color settings in the Brush Studio to adjust the color. You will find instructions in the included PDF guide.

What’s Included in the Retro Pattern Maker Brush Set for Procreate:

  • Over 60 dynamic retro pattern brushes in a .brushset file
  • A BONUS set of 8 Retro Texture brushes in a .brushset fil
  • Reference Guide PDF with tips, tutorials, and examples on how to use these brushes. Keep an eye out for demo videos and tutorials using this brush set and others here.

NOTE: Purchasing these brushes to find out how they were made (such as what Shapes, Grains, and Settings are used) so that you can create your own brushes to sell and/or use is strictly prohibited. 

These are Perfect for:

  • Creating backgrounds
  • Showcasing your lettering
  • Create artwork, greeting cards, stationery, printable, giftwrap
  • Stickers, digital planning, printable planners, bujo
  • Ads, social media, and more
  • Home decor
    Please Note: creating patterns with these brushes and uploading them on pattern sites like Spoonflower, Society6 etc. is not a permissible use. You must use these as a tool and combined them within your own design to create something unique. Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have questions.
  • Perfect for Mid-century modern and groovy 1960’s artwork and patterns
  • Retro artwork and much more!

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