Fun With Stitching Brushes in Procreate

Hello! It’s Syndee from studio kitsch design, and in this video we’ll draw some whimsical flowers and use stitching brushes in some fun, unexpected ways. 

Border style brushes are so versatile, in this video you’ll find several fun ways to use these brushes that aren’t the traditional way you might normally use them.
What’s covered in this video:
– Using stitching brushes to create stems and the petals of flowers.
– Using border style brushes to create whimsical and minimalist flowers and details.
– Adding hand-lettering to the flowers and leaves, and in unexpected places.

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Free Reference image and color swatches used in video: Grab these and other fun freebies HERE.

Products Used in Video:
🧵 Hand-Stitched Brushes for Procreate
🧵 Stitching Brushes for Procreate
🍄 Letterland Procreate Lettering Kit

🍄 Resources:  Free Procreate brushes, Procreate Color Swatches, reference images and more free goodies

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